Astrology: Key of Success

Hi! how have you been?

Dear friends…if I ask you ‘what matters most in your life?’

Then what would be your answer?

Definitely, your answer would be among these.

  1.  personality
  2.  bank balance
  3. communication
  4. luxury
  5. study
  6. enemies 
  7. marriage
  8. death
  9. luck
  10. career
  11. income
  12. loss 

I know, No one will choose 6,8 and 12 point but still these are parts of our life.

These are the twelve things  around which our life revolves. Everybody wanna get succeed in life but few are there who get succeed in all these parts of life. some are excellent in their personality and communication. some are excellent in their studies. some has good bank balance or some has good marital life.

Now, the question is ‘If every human being has similar capacity and everyone puts similar efforts to have wonderful life then why there is difference among their lives.

Answer of all these question is “planets”

Planets hold the authority of the different sectors of our life. They effect our life in a different way and study of this effect is called Astrology.

Astrology divides our life into 12 parts. Each part represents a house. Significance of each house can be understood through this image.


Planets not only effect our life but also our body parts.

Each house  represents different body parts.

First house- head, face, brain and eyes

Second house-throat, neck and voice

Third house-lungs,shoulder,arms and hands

Fourth house-chest/breast and stomach

Fifth house-heart,spine and upper back

Sixth house-digestive system,intestines and nervous system

Seventh house-kidneys,skin and buttocks

Eight house-reproductive system and sexual organs

Ninth house-hips,thighs and liver

Tenth house-knees and joints

Eleventh house-ankles and circulatory system

Twelfth house-feet and toes

So just simply by seeing other person we can predict ‘which of his house is strong?’

if someone has beautiful face and brain, his ascendant (first house) is strong or if someone has well built chest then his fourth house is strong.

Hope, you have gotten the answer of famous saying : Loss of money can be predicted through someone’s feet.

if someone has defect in his feet then his 12th house is weak. consequently, he will have loss of money in his life.

Diseases and their remedies can also be predicted through astrology. If someone has heart problem then his 5th house is weak. Now, focus on the planets which are affecting 5th house. By improving the strength of those planets, 5th house can be strengthened.

Hope, this article has helped you in knowing about Astro-houses. Strength of planets will be explained in next article.

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how planets control our lives

hello guys….

Are you excited to know about the planets and their impact on our lives?

first of all, you need to know about your ascendant and the zodiac sign in which your ascendant is placed. There are 12 zodiac sign in astrology and each zodiac sign has its owner which controls the house in which that zodiac sign falls.

      Zodiac sign                           Owner

  1. Aries                                       Mars
  2. Taurus                                   Venus
  3. Gemini                                   Mercury
  4. Cancer                                   Moon
  5. Leo                                          Sun
  6. Virgo                                      Mercury
  7. Libra                                      Venus
  8. Scorpion                                Mars
  9. Sagittarius                            Jupiter
  10. Capricorn                              Saturn
  11. Aquarius                               Saturn
  12. Pisces                                     Jupiter

In this way there are 7 planets which affects our day to day life. Rahu and ketu are also taken into account. Thus there are total 9 planets in astrology.

Among these 9 planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn own two zodiac signs but Sun and Moon own only one zodiac sign which are Leo and Cancer respectively. Rahu and Ketu do not own any zodiac sign.

Now the question is ‘how to know our Ascendant?’


Birth chart is divided into 12 parts. Each part represents a house. First house is called Ascendant (from where our journey begins) and Seventh house is called Descendant (where our journey ends).

Zodiac sign which falls in our first house is called ascendant sign and lord of that sign highly influence our personality.

let’s take an example if someone has cancer ascendant then his personality is similar to moon.he will be of childish nature. he will be too much emotional, sensitive and soft-hearted person. if someone has Leo ascendant then he will be smart,confident and lion-hearted person. if someone has Aries ascendant he will be of mars nature, aggressive and short tempered. Saturn makes person mature in his early age. or if someone has Sagittarius/Pisces ascendant then he will be of spiritual nature .

Now let me know about your ascendant.

Comment below……waiting for your response!!!